Thursday, December 15

Tuesday, March 29

IF: toy

Wherever Rabbit-the-Traveller were going He always took his best friend, who was more than just a toy for him. 

Wednesday, March 23

IF: cultivate

It was  the cold Sunday morning when the Dormouse was so proud of herself that her first persimmon was cultivated.

Wednesday, March 2

IF: swarm

...It was the greattest joy  for the  Beaver to find out a swarm of  dragonflies while He was taking a bath after all-day working.

Thursday, February 24

IF: Layer

mr. Mole asked himself sitting under great number layers of ground:"Who said that Winter days should be cold and bleak?"

Thursday, February 17

IF: sweater

This is one of  my old pictures, because I just haven`t enough time for anything, but studying, freezing and sleeping(

Monday, January 31